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Effortless Fastening for Diverse Projects


Introducing our Premium Easy Automatic Rivet Tool Set, the ultimate solution for a wide range of fastening tasks. Whether you’re working on firewall additions, off-road vehicle modifications, attaching body panels, fixing bicycle attachments, or handling metal sheet roofing, this tool set provides the versatility and strength you need.



User-Friendly and Time-Efficient: Gone are the days of fumbling with tools for simple tasks. Our rivet tool features a tool-free quick-change head design, allowing you to switch mandrels and nose pieces swiftly and without additional tools. This not only streamlines your project but also saves valuable time, letting you focus on the task at hand.



Energy-Efficient Design: Designed with your comfort in mind, the ergonomic handles are equipped with double compound hinges to maximize leverage with minimal effort. Its delicate shape makes it ideal for reaching those hard-to-access areas, perfect for intricate off-road or Jeep modifications.



Robust and Long-Lasting: Constructed from thick, heat-treated carbon steel and finished with black phosphating, this rivet nut tool is built to resist corrosion and endure rigorous use. Its strong and durable design guarantees long-term performance, making it a reliable addition to your toolkit.



Key Features:

  • Innovative spring-loaded inner hex sleeve automatically secures the mandrel rotation.
  • Made with high-quality alloy steel and rubberized handles for comfort, especially during extended use.
  • Exceptionally suitable for sheet metal fabrication.
  • Features 3/25″(3mm) high-strength carbon steel handles for enhanced sturdiness and durability.
  • Comes with 10 interchangeable mandrels to meet diverse work requirements.
  • Inclusive of 13 standard threads – Metric M3 to M12 and SAE 8-32 to 1/2-13 – for a wide range of applications. Note: The M8 spindle is pre-installed.



Material: Alloy steel body with Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Rivet Nuts. Size: Model BT-606, Length 15″ [38 cm]; Handle 4“ [10 cm]. Color: Sleek Black. Weight: 3.36 pounds. Interchangeable mandrels in Metric and SAE sizes for versatile use.



With our Advanced Alloy Steel Automatic Rivet Tool Set, embrace efficiency and durability in your fastening tasks. Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, this tool set is designed to simplify your work and enhance your productivity. Invest in this versatile tool set today and experience the difference in your fastening projects!

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Zane Gallagher
17 Jun 2024

This has become one of my favorite tools, elevating almost any project I take on. It's user-friendly and comes with a good supply of rivet nuts. I've used it for various tasks, from fixing a snowblower chute hand crank to a food cart at work. It's even going to help with adding attachments to my kayak. While I use regular riveters too, this tool has more utility than a basic rivet gun.

Jamison Harvey
17 Jun 2024

This tool is incredibly handy – I can't believe I've gone this long without it! It's a lifesaver in situations where the threads are stripped or when you can't use a lock nut or solder. In terms of build quality, it's decent. While it's not the sturdiest, it's comparable to others on the market. I think it'll hold up just fine for hobbyist use!

Nolan Hammond
16 Jun 2024

After getting a new bus for my company, I needed to move my work cabinet into it. For this, I bought rivet nut pliers. When I opened them, I noticed the M8 attachment was already in place, leaving the corresponding box empty. First, I measured and drilled the hole, then fully opened the pliers. I screwed the M8 rivet nut onto the pliers until it was almost flush with the pliers' nut. I pushed the nut into the hole until it couldn't go any further. It's important to ensure the pliers reach the metal surface, so if there's any wall protection like in my case, enlarge the hole in the protection first to allow the nut to be close enough to the metal for a secure hold. Next, I pressed the handles together. It's crucial to keep the pliers as straight as possible to avoid incorrect tension on the connector, which could cause breakage. You don't need to bend the handles too much, though. Then, I unscrewed the pliers counterclockwise by turning the large screw cap between the handles. Finally, I screwed the bolt into the hole. Tightening it pulls the nut tighter into the metal, ensuring a secure fit. I managed to secure my cabinet very firmly. If you're unsure how to do it, there are helpful explanatory videos on YouTube.

Ronan McCoy
15 Jun 2024

Without this tool, my husband couldn't have installed the OEM running boards on my 2020 Toyota Highlander. It worked perfectly.

Sutton McDowell
15 Jun 2024

This was my first time using a rivet nut tool and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Quincy McKinney
15 Jun 2024

This is a quality product that's easy to use. Check that it includes all the mandrels you need. I started using it immediately upon arrival for a professional-looking installation on my 1977 Corvette.

Lennox Monroe
15 Jun 2024

Sets nutserts perfectly.

Murphy Moss
15 Jun 2024

I used this rivnut tool to install a pair of jack nuts, and it worked flawlessly. The jacknuts are great for areas with clearance issues, while these rivnuts have a longer protrusion. The tool makes installation easy.

Nolan Nash
15 Jun 2024

It worked great, and I love it.

Bridger Montgomery
15 Jun 2024

The tool created a solid rivnut fastener for me. It seems sturdy, but the instructions were lacking.

Oakley Newton
15 Jun 2024

Whenever you need a blind-nut, this tool is the way to go. Highly recommended for anyone involved in fabricating.

Pierce O'Connor
15 Jun 2024

It works great, but the rivets aren't long enough for certain kits, like the deals mud flap jack nuts. I had to use the nuts it came with. It would be better if it had a case to keep things organized in my toolbox.

Phoenix Parrish
15 Jun 2024

It did what I needed, helping me install rivet nuts in my truck bed for direct bolting of racking. I'm considering using it for a topper as well. Just be careful not to over squeeze and practice on other sheets first.

Quinton Pate
15 Jun 2024

It's cheap and you get what you pay for. It works for basic tasks, but I wouldn't use it regularly.

Quincy Pearson
15 Jun 2024

This tool was perfect for adding threaded inserts in a steel enclosure. Worked beautifully once I got the hang of it.

Remy Pickett
15 Jun 2024

Needed this for a car project. Did the job perfectly and now I'm thinking of more uses for it.

Ridge Porter
15 Jun 2024

Bought this tool for a small project and was surprised by its simple yet effective build. The instructions weren't great, but the tool is easy to understand and use. I'm keeping it for future use.

Rhett Ramsey
15 Jun 2024

Meets my expectations. Easy to use and comes as a complete set.

Sawyer Reed
15 Jun 2024

I decided to purchase this tool instead of shelling out $400 for an air-operated or hydraulic model, as I only needed it to install four nuts on my trailer for a battery box. Initially, the instructions were quite poor, but after closely examining the tool, I got a good grasp of how to use it. Surprisingly, installing rivet nuts turned out to be really easy. The tool's build quality impressed me – it's simple, yet solidly constructed for the price. I had planned to sell it after use, but it's so good that I've decided to keep it. Even my neighbor is interested in borrowing it for his truck rack. I'd definitely recommend this tool to anyone who needs to install rivet nuts.

Sterling Rhodes
15 Jun 2024

I've done about 100 M6 and M8 rivets so far, and the tool is working flawlessly. Just be careful not to overtighten the rivnuts. The included rivnuts aren't very durable, so I switched to stainless steel ones.

Efficient 100pcs Rivet Nut Set with Automatic Hand Threaded Tool

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